Thursday, 1 December 2011

Artistic projects

I've got involved in some projects and there's been a lot of work lately, which I do thrive on. But it also means that a holiday will be nice, now we're off to Beijing and beautiful Yangshuo for 10 days!

It's easy to meet up with people and to make friends in Hong Kong, it's such a social place. But to meet artists and artistic circles have proven more difficult. A lot is very commercial here and they do not invest much in the arts yet, although that seems to be on the way.

So I'm glad I've manage to meet up with some great people here and have starting working with a choreographer and some local artists. We are showing some work during the great festival i-Dance in December; T.H.I.R.S.T. - so far a film we have made that later will become the backdrop of a new performance presented for a week in February at the Experimenta Gallery here in Hong Kong, and later taken to other venues. It's a great work spirit here, and we have a team of 6 dancers, as well as a fashion designer, who are all willing to put in hard work and effort to make our two hours long performance, consisting of music, dance, fashion, canapes and champagne. It's all been very inspiring so far!

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